South Austin Baptist Church
‚ÄčEst. 1957
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Pastoral Heritage
South Austin Baptist Church was officially founded on October 29, 1957 by Rev. Lloyd Taylor and is still grounded on the same priciples that the church was founded upon. The following is a chronological list of pastors of the church from 1957 until present.

  • October 29, 1957 - July 1963 - Pastor Lloyd Taylor

  • September 1963 - December 1976 - Pastor Pat Everett

  • December 1976 - June 1977 - Pastor Jerry Kral

  • June 1977 - September 1984 - Pastor Bill Sparks

  • September 1984 - November 1990 - Pastor Kenneth Walker

  • November 1990 - September 2002 - Pastor Arthur Escobar

  • September 2002 - Present - Pastor Chad Hart

Church History
South Austin Baptist Church is a warm, friendly, family-oriented church. It is a church that preaches and teaches the old-time religion, sings the old-fashioned hymns of the faith, and uses only the King James Bible. South Austin Baptist Church was started in a washateria in October of 1957 by Rev. Lloyd Taylor, the church soon moved to 517 E. Oltorf where we built a five room building that most people thought was a motel. We then added another building with a sanctuary and additional Sunday school rooms. In September 1963 Rev. Pat Everett became pastor. The new sanctuary at this location was built in 1965. Later, Rev Jerry Kral became pastor from December 1976 until June 1977. God then sent Rev. Bill Sparks as pastor in June of 1977. On September of 1984 Rev. Kenneth Walker became our pastor and we then moved to 7915 Manchaca. After the move Rev. Arthur Escobar became our pastor in November 1990. In 1996 the property on Manchaca was sold and property at Gobi and W. Stassney was bought. Then On January 18, 1998 we changed the name of the church to Maranatha Baptist Church, while meeting at 8210 S. 1st Street in Christ, Community Christian School. Beginning In September 2002 Pastor Chad Hart became pastor of the church and in 2005 the property at 8210 S. First St. was purchased. As of present the church name was changed back to South Austin Baptist Church on April 15, 2012 and Pastor Chad Hart is the pastor along with a thriving church ministry and deaf church ministry Lead by Pastor Steve Parker. Through the many years this church has been in existence there have been many changes that were cosmetic, but at the root of the discipleship and the convictions of the church family, God is still the primary focus of our ministry. God has blessed in an unnumbered amount of ways and we would be even more blessed to have you and your family join our ever growing and historical family.